Vertical Specialties is a company based in St. John’s, NL and performs work across Canada. We have working agreements in place with an established engineering firm which has allowed us to move aggressively into the Inspection and Maintenance market. As we continue to grow, we are always looking to expand our workforce so that we can complete current and future contracts.

Our business is diverse and as such, we require experience from many different backgrounds. To work as inspection, installation or maintenance personnel in this industry, an employee is required to work at heights (mostly 400′ or less) and extensive travel. You will be required to climb and move freely around the towers while wearing approximately 30 pounds of equipment and carrying tools and maintenance materials. Maintenance may require basic grounds maintenance, repair of communications equipment and structural elements at heights, and usage of different power tools. Installation of mounting and antenna components will require training and knowledge in rigging, communications equipment, and steel work. Site locations range from downtown, through rural, to remote, so enjoyment of the outdoors is also a requirement.

We do our best to stay in home-like accommodations while on the road. Our people spend a great deal of time together while working and there is little opportunity for “alone time”. This makes social skills very important.

Health and Safety are paramount at Vertical Specialties. We have a “Fit to work” policy that requires employees to not only be drug-free, it also requires that employees are well rested mentally and physically to complete jobs safely. As this work is inherently dangerous, employees are also required to look after each other. It is important to Vertical Specialties that employees get home safe to their families.

Please take the time to think about these statements before submitting your application.